Jan 5, 2009

DE'RANCH Bandung

Food - Leisure - Knowledge  is the motto of the DE' RANCH, a vacation destination which is located on Jl. Maribaya no. 17 Lembang (022.70840661).

DE'RANCH Bandung
As the name suggests, DE' RANCH is a pasture with a horse-riding track.  In addition to ride a horse by yourself, you also can ride a horse-drawn carriage. A lovely place at Lembang to visit on weekend.

There are also children's playground, play boat pond, fishing pond, wall climbing followed by flying fox, bungee jumping, etc. Many horses and cows are grazing  in some area. Feel the fresh air of Lembang also!

Food are also available, with a variety of menu options, including Lembang traditional food:  roasted banana, sticky rice roasted, boiled corn, etc. 

DE'RANCH Bandung

Entrance is cheap, only 5000 rupiah including welcome drink. Each game needs its own fare, which is around 15.000 to 25.000 rupiah. I liked the drink offered. It's a glass of yogurt Lembang.

Tips : visit DE' RANCH in the morning, around 9-10am, to avoid traffic jam, hot sunrise, and full park area.
Enjoy this ranch at Lembang !!

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