Jan 3, 2009

Do you know what sapulidi is?
Sapulidi  is a traditional broom made from lidi (center part of coconut leaves bound together). Sundanese is used to clean their yard using sapulidi.

Sapulidi restaurant is located on Kompleks Graha Puspa, Jl. Sersan Bajuri Lembang. Just turn left when you come in front of Statiun Ledeng. Or you can access it through Lembang, turn left just before  you reach Lembang. It’s easy to find it because the direction boards are available along the way.

Sapulidi restaurant consist of many ‘saung’ (a traditional simple house made from dry leaves and bamboo, Sundanese is used to rest in this saung when they work at ‘sawah’ (rice field). In saung, we sit on the floor.

Sapulidi restaurant also offer many delicious food. I’ve tried the Ayam Kahaseupan (smoked chicken). Mmm… yummy in my tummy. The price is about high, imagine a glass of fruit juice priced 17.500 rupiah. A bowl of Soto Bandung for 25.000 rupiah (hmmm, I can get the same soto near my house for less than 10.000 rupiah). And their ‘sambel’ (Sundanese chili) has a very little portion, not enough for Indonesian, including me.

Besides eating in saung surrounded by rice field, fish pond, and grass; you may also visit the Sapulidi Resort, next the restaurant.  This resort offers  traditional houses for rent. The house is very well designed, as you can see from the photos, and the price is high. The houses are built surround  an artificial lake. You may go around the lake on a boat for free, just gift some tips to the boat man.

Still in the same housing, Kompleks Graha Puspa, you can visit a children entertainment park named Spirit Camp. The entrance fee is 7.000 rupiah per person, including snack (but not a healthy snack, I think). The game in Spirit Camp needs cheap fare, in my opinion.

This place is perfect for your children. There are children playground with many ordinary games, such as slide, merry go round, swing. Go play in this area for free.
Children are pleased to follow the adventure track in Kids Adventure. You have to pay 15.000 rupiah to enjoy the facilities, such as flying fox (2 times), rope bridge, rock bridge, hanging bridge, etc.
Many games area are available here. You may try biking along the smooth biking track with a bike rent for 5000 rupiah. Or you may want to try the balloon area. This area is quiet rare visited because of its high price. Another free game is the sand pond with 2 slides but you should prepare your own pail and scoop.

Update your children knowledge by visiting Little Zoo. Your children can see turkeys, many kind of chicken, rabbits, goats, deer, etc. You may buy some animal food and feed them. Nearby the zoo, you can see many variety of plant use for traditional medicine, such as daun dewa, lavender, rosemarry, mint, blackberry, jeruk purut, buah merah, etc.

There are many others game offered here. Usually, this place is visited by school and offers special program for them.