Feb 2, 2009

Eating fruit is healthy. You can eat unripe pisang batu, bangkuang (juicy tuber), kedondong (some fibrous fruit), pineapple, ubi (sweet potato), unripe mango, jambu air at the same time and with delicious taste by ordering rujak bebek.
Rujak bebek is made from those fruits, terasi (fermented shrimp paste), salt, sugar palm, and chili (if you like) that are pounded together in a tube. The tube is made from wood. Usually, the wood is taken from jackfruit tree.The tube has a wood cover and a stick to crush out the fruit. Tug tug tug ...

You can enjoy a bowl of rujak bebek only by paying 2500 rupiah. Rujak bebek is cheap, delicious, and healthy. I like it !!