Mar 17, 2009

I like kitchenware. Pans, containers, jelly or ice mold, tea pot, dinner set, etc.  A couple days ago, I went to Belakang Pasar Street to buy a blender.  Along Belakang Pasar Street you can find many stores sell kitchen ware.  There are many varieties of kitchenware. There are kitchenware made from plastic, metal, bamboo, rattan, and coconut fiber. They are available in  big and small size,  very complete.

Don’t imagine the store is wide with racks line up orderly.  The store is piled high with pails, pots, etc.  There is only a little place for buyers to look around. So, be sure to know what to buy first.

For me, this street is a heaven of kitchenware. I can find traditional kitchen ware such as ‘keset’ (a coconut fiber mat), ’boboko’ (a bamboo container to rinse the rice for Sundanese), ‘sapu ijuk’ (coconut fiber broom), ‘nyiru’ (a bamboo wide container to dry food in the sun), 'kemoceng' (a feather duster) and a metal mouse trap. Sometimes we can see the process of making a 'sapu ijuk' or other traditional kitchenware.

The electricity kitchen ware such as blender, juicer, rice cooker, can also found here. Some stores also sell brass (baking pan) in many sizes.

The other nice thing to shop at the street is the price. My Phillips blender was cost Rp 330.000, but in department store it is cost Rp 400.000 to 500.000. The difference is quite high, isn’t it? Whether you buy one or two pieces things or you buy dozen of things, they will serve you well.