Mar 17, 2009

Soes Merdeka is the most famous cream puff in Bandung. You can taste the delicious white rum cream with only 4000 rupiah (around US $0.3) each. The cream melts when you bite it. Hmmm, yummy, I like it!
Sus Merdeka

The Merdeka Bakery makes and sells bread, tart, cake, and of course cream puff. There are many varieties of them (including crocodile-like bread), but the most famous is cream puff and dried 'soes' (dried cream puff without cream filling). The store is located on Merdeka Street, it's near St. Peter Cathedral.

Sus Merdeka

Sus Merdeka
Soes Merdeka is a perfect gift for your relatives and friends. Soes Merdeka is best served for three days only. The dried soes may last longer.

Soes Merdeka,
Jl. Merdeka 25-29 Bandung,
phone 022 4235534.
Branch : Jl. Buah Batu 235 Bandung, phone 022 7321221-7323842.
Enjoy it !!