Mar 31, 2009

Last time I visited Tangkuban Parahu, it was rain. Before the rain came, fog was everywhere. The rain came down hard while we still had to walk along the Domas crater path. The track became muddy, my body was wet but, hey, it was fun!!
Let’s go to Tangkuban Parahu!

Tangkuban Parahu Resort has two entrances, which are Lembang and Subang. When you come from Lembang, you should not take the first entrance you’ve arrived. That entry has a very bad condition road as long as 4.5 km. Please take the second entrance (the first entrance when you arrive from Subang). This entry has smoother and shorter road comparing with the first entry.

After pay some fees, I think it is quite cheap, keep driving along the road with thick trees and bushes on both sides of the road. The green color is calming your eyes. Please open your car window so that you and your family can enjoy the fresh and cool air.

Then you’ll come right to the Ratu crater (Ratu means Queen). The crater isn’t allowed to be approached because it’s producing poisonous gas. You can see the crater from above.

Don’t forget to see and buy the souvenir sold there. There are many traditional souvenirs you can buy. You can buy a set of angklung less than 100.000 rupiah. Maybe you interested in nature rock or t-shirt or any other handicrafts. The price is cheap. Don’t forget to bargain.



The other crater you should see is Domas crater. There are many ways to achieve Domas crater. For the best experiences, you should use the officially guide-service. You will take a 1.2 km path with big and old trees on both sides. The guide will describe the condition of the forest while you walk down the path.



Here is the Domas crater. Stones are everywhere. Some geysers are here. Some small ponds are made here to dam the hot water so that tourists can submerge their feet. The guide will massage your hands and feet with mud. The mud will rest your tired body. The guide will boil some eggs in the boiling geyser and serve them for you 10-15 minutes later. I bet you won’t stop taking pictures.

I suggest you bring umbrellas or raincoats. When it is a sunny day, you’ll need umbrella to protect you from heat. And when the rain comes, umbrellas and raincoats are very helpful especially when you come with your kids.
The other craters are harder to get. Please go with the guide.

So, what are you waiting for? Come here and enjoy Tangkuban Parahu Mountain.