Apr 7, 2009

I can't take my eyes out of the flowers. They're pretty, aren't they? GOD, the creator, is wonderful.

All those flowers are planted by farmers in Cihideung Village. Bandung has only two season, the wet and the dry season. April should be a transition period from wet season to dry season. So, flowers bloom along the year.

Some plants are planted in  plastic bags and some are planted in pots.

Besides seeds and flowers, they also sell grass, fruit plants, sand,  mature plants, pots, etc. When you arrange your garden, this is the perfect place to find all you need.

Cihideung Village is passed by Sersan Bajuri Road. Some farmers use their yard as place for their plants and others farmers build a temporary green house on the side of the road. You can come here through Kolonel Masturi Lembang or Kolonel Masturi Cimahi or Sersan Bajuri Ledeng. All those roads are narrow and full of holes. The roads go upward and have many curves. And, there's no comfortable parking area. I suggest you come here not in the weekend.

The other nice sight is the valley behind their green houses.