Jun 15, 2009

Me and my family love coming here.  Atmosphere restaurant  located on Lengkong Besar Street. Please find the complete information here.
When you arrive here, just come to their back yard. That's the best part of Atmosphere for my family.

Atmosphere provides several 'saung' at its back yard.  'Saung' is a traditional resting place for farmer in the middle of the rice field. Those saungs are very well designed and built. 

On the weekend, I suggest that you should come earlier than mealtime. Saungs are favorite places for most visitors. After finishing your meal, you may sleep there, ooooh, what a very nice place to relax.

But don't worry, if saungs are fully placed, you may sit on indoor area or on the second floor area.You still can enjoy live music (at certain times) and delicious foods.

Children love to play around the artificial fish ponds.
I ordered Cheesy French Fries and a kind of beef saussage (I forget the name, sorry) for my kids. A tuna salad for myself and an Norwegian Salmon Grilled for my husband. Hmmm, delicious !

And don't miss the desert, an apple strudle or a slice of blackforrest will be nice. Atmosphere has its own cake corner.

Contact Atmosphere here :
Atmosphere Resort Cafe
Jl. Lengkong Besar 97
Bandung 40111
t. 022. 426 2815
f. 022. 426 2667