Dec 29, 1999

Bancakan is paradise of Sundanese cuisine in Bandung (for me). If you want to enjoy cheap and delicious Sundanese homemade dishes, this is the right place. Nasi Bancakan, Jl. Trunojoyo 62 (more easily enter from Jalan Dago then turn to Jalan Diponegoro).

The place is not very large and it is set simply. There are places for 'lesehan' and small tables. Do not ask, it's certainly a long queue every dining hour, especially on the holidays. But fear free, all commensurate with the pleasures to be gained.

There are many interesting things in Nasi Bancakan, which  is the use of tin plates and tin cups, and then there are 'petromax' lamps, there is charcoal burning place for bake the food. All are old-fashioned things.

For menu, do not worry, Nasi Bancakan provides a lot of dishes. You only have to choose what you like and pay at the cashier. For your imagination, I ordered  jengkol stew, stir-fry Velvetleaf, cork salted fish, fried tempeh, fried bala-bala, Tutut, baked salted fish, and a glass of fresh ice goyobod.

Let's go to Nasi Bancakan :D