Dec 6, 1999

My eldest child asked to visit Puspa Iptek in the Kota Baru Parahyangan.
She was curious to know what it's like riding a bicycle on the rope without falling, as is often told by her brother. He had been there with a trip with his school party.

Puspa Iptek

Apparently a visit to the Puspa Iptek pleasant enough even for mothers like me. Puspa Iptek is a building Demonstration Center of Science and Technology as well as a buffer of a largest sundial in Indonesia.

The ticket is only 10,000 rupiah per person. There is also a ticket applicable to enter both  Puspa Iptek and the 4D theater for 17,500 rupiah  (it's cheaper than buying separate tickets, tickets for 4D is 15,000 rupiah).

At the door we were greeted by a statue of Einstein. Lots of props that appear in the building Puspa Iptek. Do not be afraid, if we do not understand how the  props works, even after reading the information, a guide will explain for us.
Puspa Iptek

Puspa Iptek
Although children do not really understand the physics behind all of the props, they were enthusiastic to try them. Unfortunately, soon after a group of school children came and the situation becomes very crowded. The guide was busy explaining to and fro. Hmm, maybe the number of visitors must be limited and the amount of the guide should be added.

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