Jan 31, 1999

Taman Hutan Raya Ir. H. Djuanda (Tahura) is one of natural tourist attraction  in the area Dago, Bandung. 

You can reach the place by following Dago road. Tahura is located on the right side of the road, it's not far from Dago Station (Terminal Dago). 

There are many natural attraction here such as the trees, animals, and of course, the caves (gua in Indonesian or guha in Sundanese ). There are Gua Belanda and Gua Jepang. Many tourist come here to see the caves.
Tahura has two entrance. First entrance has wider parking area. After paying some (cheap) fee, you'll be greeted by pine trees.

Second entrance is nearer to the caves. Here, you'll be welcomed by shady and clean road. Park your car and let's start walking! Feel the fresh air and beautiful view. 

Gua Jepang was built by Japanese  around 1942 (well, I forget the year, but you can read the story at signs board posted at Tahura). Some local residents will gladly guide you into the cave. They also provide some torches to rent. There are no lights in the caves because of the high humidity inside the cave so that you must use some torches. The guides are friendly and the charges are cheap. My kids love to explore the cave, especially with torches in hands.  

If you get thirsty or hungry or tired, there are many relax area operated by local residents. They sells some traditional food. You must try the grilled corn. The corn is grilled directly on the burning charcoal. It taste sweet, salty, and juicy. Yummy!

When I go there, I met an old man selling sugar water from palm tree (air aren dari pohon enau) and boiled peanut. He said he usually hang on there.

Gua Belanda is built by Dutch (Belanda). This cave is wider than Gua Jepang.  This cave through the mountain from one side to the other side.

There are many trees planted at Tahura. Tahura gives some information about those trees. I've read in newspaper that Bunga Bangkai or Amorphophallus Titanum blossomed here.

 If you are strong enough, you can continue to walk to Maribaya waterfall. It's about 5 km. The path is comfortable enough. You can rent motorcycle to Maribaya if you don't want to walk there. Or you can go to Maribaya by car through Lembang.

My tips : wear comfortable clothing including shoes, it's better to go in a group. Do not hesitate to ask favor from local residents. They are friendly. Don't forget to say "Nuhun" (it means 'thank you'). For more information visit here or call 022-2515895.

Enjoy your nature calls!