Mar 6, 1999

The seats are limited but clean.
Rumah Makan Linggarjati ( means : Linggarjati Restaurant) is located on Jalan Balong Gede. It's near Alun-alun Bandung and Andy Yang Pastry that sells Bakpao Buah. The seat is limited but clean. Yes, it's clean. Even the toilets are clean. And the servants served us quickly.

RM Linggarjati provides many food especially noodle. Many people come here and enjoy the dishes. According to my taste, the noodle's delicious. But, according to my wallet, the price's quite high. Well, taste and price are depend on individual assessment, right?

The menu
The famous avocado juice, it's crushed by hand rather than a blender. Chocolate milk and shaved ice as topping.

Yamin manis (sweet noodle).

Meatball and 'babat'.

Yamin asin (salted noodle)


Try them all !!