May 2, 1999

Every region in Indonesia has its own fried food for snack or we called them : "Gorengan". Here in Bandung, we have gorengan also. There are pisang molen, cireng, fried tempe, bala-bala, gehu, etc.

Pisang molen is ripe banana wrapped in flour and fried. It's my favorite gorengan.

Pisang Molen

Cireng or aCi digoReng is tapioca flour seasoned and fried. It has savory taste and chewy texture. Some people fill it with oncom or other ingredients.
 Gehu or toGe jeung taHu is tofu filled with stirred sprout and carrot.  Spicy gehu is also famous here.


Fried Tempe

You have to try them all. My tips : don't eat too much and don't forget the cayenne pepper. Haaahhh !!