Aug 17, 1999

Saung Wargi is a restaurant plus an artificial fishing pond. Its location is at Jalan Kol. Masturi Lembang. It's closer to reach from Lembang than Cimahi or Ledeng.

There were many fish in the pond. The servant said that there were red and black tilapia (ikan nila merah dan hitam) and black pomfret fish (ikan bawal hitam). The biggest fish is around 1.5 kg.

Since my kids love fishing, we like this place so much.The rent price of fishing tool wasn't expensive. For every kilos of fish we got, we're charged 30000 rupiah plus 15000 rupiah for frying the fish. This is the fish we got. It's a fresh  1 kg black pomfret fish. Yum yum ...

These are 'saung', a traditional place to relax and eat. They are built above fish pond. Hmmm ... enjoy your relaxing time here !

Saung Wargi Lembang is a perfect place for a family and friends to relax. It has kids area and mini zoo. The food is delicious and affordable.