Oct 24, 1999

This place sells noodle complete with Baso (meatball), Pangsit (chicken dumpling), Tahu (Indonesian tofu), Siomay (a kind of dumpling), dan Ceker (chicken claw). For drink, you can order yogurt, Es Campur with/without durian, rujak (fruit salad with sweet peanut sauce), etc. Just order your favorite menu and they will serve you quickly.

Mie Baso Akung
My favorite is noodle with Baso and Pangsit. Different from other restaurants, Pangsit here contains more spicy chicken. Yummy !

My tips : come one hour before meals to avoid the queues.This place is closed every Friday.
Selamat makan :D

Mie Baso Akung
Jalan Lodaya 123