May 19, 1990

We always use plastic bags. We use plastics bags at anytime and anywhere. We put almost everything into plastics bags. Groceries, books, clothes, medicine, even food. Plastics bags are very useful because they're practical. We don't want to be bother carrying a bag or container from home

As the result, we have many used plastic bags everywhere. I do, too. What about you?

Plastics bags pollute our world. They clog everywhere. They cannot be decomposed naturally by nature.

The good news is that many big supermarkets around us are using biodegradable plastics bags.

What is biodegradable plastics bags? It means the plastics bags can be degraded easily (within 2-3 years when disposed of in an appropriate environment). For further explanation, please read the site of EPI.

Let's save our Earth. Use bio-degradable plastics bags and re-use them !!!

Tips : Biasakan membawa kantong kresek bekas untuk belanja. Siapkan beberapa lembar kantong kresek bekas di tas, mobil, atau motor kita. Menggunakan kantong kresek bekas akan sangat, sangat, sangat mengurangi jumlah sampah plastik. Jika satu orang menggunakan kantong kresek bekasnya sebanyak 3 kali baru dibuang, berarti dia menghemat 2 kantong kresek baru. Jika 1000 orang berlaku demikian, berarti hemat 2000 kantong kresek baru.