Oct 16, 2011

Paskal Hypersquare - Ruko-ruko
Eventhough Paskal Hypersquare is still under construction but we can enjoy the shops row at the left and right side of main road, and of course, the food court with lots of menu. Paskal Hypersquare has a concept of The Paskal Promenade which represents a new direction for the malls designed within the city.
Wow, can't imagine that!

Paskal Hypersquare
Jl. Pasirkaliki 25-27. Bandung – 40161. West Java, Indonesia.
OFFICE PHONE : 022.86060788 / 022.86060789 (FAX)
DELIVERY PHONE : 022.70232363 / 022.91232363
Last time I was here, it's a very hot day so I ordered Es Oyen - es campur plus durian, a classic mix-fruit drink. Hmmm ...

Paskal Hypersquare
Paskal Hypersquare
There's a small pond named 'The Fountain of Luck'. We can throw a coin (or lots of coins) through the ring for luck. He he ... wanna try? Kids can feed the fish in the pond. Don't worry, you don't have to bring fish food from home. You can buy fish food at the cashier.

This place is always crowded with tourist especially from Jakarta. They want to try Bandung culinary in one place. Yes, there are many menus including Bandung traditional menu, such as lumpia basah.

Let's go to Paskal Hypersquare!