Jun 7, 2012

Nessa Bakery - kue mangkok ubi
I like bread. Hmmm ... How many times have I told you that?

This time I went to Nessa Bakery at Jalan Cicendo (across from Rumah Sakit Mata Cicendo). I didn't buy bread but cakes. I bought 'kue mangkok', a steamed traditional cake made from rice flour and usually 'tape' (fermented cassava). Nessa bakery has many taste of 'kue mangkok', such as sweet potato, taro, palm sugar, etc.

I also tried cotton doughnut. It tasted sweet and soft.

Well, there are a lot of bread and cakes at Nessa, please come and see them by yourself, here the address:

 Jl. Cicendo 11 Bandung
Telp (022) 4260307 / 4204168

Btw, Nessa Bakery organizes baking courses also.
Nessa Bakery - donat kapas